Elaine's Original Granola in large jar

Elaine's Original Granola in large jar

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12oz of Elaine's Original granola in vintage design Italian glass jar!

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Made with real food ingredients: Unsweetened coconut flakes, Almonds, Pecans, walnuts, Maple syrup, Medjool dates, Unsweetened cranberries, Dried apricots, Monk fruit, Coconut oil, Whole grain gluten-free rolled oats, Water, Vanilla extract, Orange peel, Ground cinnamon, Kosher salt, Sea salt.

Monk Fruit

Our Calorie Free Sweetner

Our granola's lightly sweet taste comes from the mogroside of the monk fruit ingredient which the body processes differently from common sugars like sucrose and fructose; it is calorie-free with a glycemic index of zero.