Tiffany Lustig



After nearly 20 years as a marketing executive with a Fortune 500 company, I left corporate life to pursue an Executive MBA degree at SMU. It was in the program's Entrepreneurship class that my chapter with Park Lane Pantry began. 

I needed a startup company to write a business plan for and was put in touch with Elaine through a family connection.  After conducting a blind taste test where Elaine's Granola was selected over other popular brands, I realized the potential was there to turn this idea into a successful business. 

At first we were thinking I would just do consulting work for Elaine, but once we got going Elaine asked me to join her as her business partner.  The missing ingredient in turning Elaine's passion for healthy granola into a business was to partner with someone who could bring her products to market. That's where I come in!  We formed Park Lane Pantry in April, 2019, and neither of us ever looked back!

As an avid runner and former triathlete I have a special appreciation for healthy snack foods, and believe strongly in our product line and mission to promote healthy snacking to others.