Hi Elaine and Tiffany! 

I was absolutely blown away by your granola. For years I’ve been searching for a granola that both tastes great and is actually good for you. And as you can probably imagine, that’s basically impossible to find. 

I’m hyper focused on my health limiting my consumption of sugar and focusing on healthy sources of fat and protein. In fact, even though I am not diabetic, I wear a continuous glucose monitor to measure my levels on a real time basis. And to my absolute shock and surprise, after eating 10 delicious ounces of your granola, my glucose levels barely budged! 

I must say you guys have absolutely nailed it. Absolutely terrific, whole food ingredients 100% in keeping with a healthy lifestyle. And most importantly, the taste profile is incredible. It’s got the perfect balance of baked oats (gluten free I might add!), coconut, dates and nuts. And just the right amount of sweetness. 

Keep up the great work and please let me know when I can order a full case! 

All the best,