A Granola Love Story


We want to extend our sincere gratitude for supporting our female founded, women-owned small business. We are truly grateful for you!!⁠


True to our name, we are a Texas brand born in a kitchen located on Park Lane in Dallas, Texas. Park Lane Pantry is a brand Texans can be proud of, and Park Lane Pantry is pleased to say we are a complete Texas brand! Our product packaging is Austin sourced, and we bake, pack and distribute our products from our Dallas facility - with lots of Texas-sized love. We are honored each time we hear from a local customer, "This is the best granola I've ever had!"



Park Lane Pantry is a D/FW-based women-owned business. We started Park Lane Pantry in 2019 to introduce our premium, vegan snack granola to the marketplace - creating delicious alternatives to sugary granolas to be enjoyed as a snack, as a topping, or as a mix-in. Our granola is for food lovers who want to avoid unnatural sugar and seek an option that is vegan and gluten-free.

Our granola business began when Elaine Pearlman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her love for granola - led her on a mission to develop a clean, natural and tasty granola snack that met the requirements of her cancer-fighting diet. We started selling this family-favorite snack at a Saturday farmers market booth in Dallas in April 2019. The community support and response helped us quickly make our way to all Texas Central Market grocery aisles by October 2020.

Many granolas claim to be healthy, only to end up being packed with sugar and artificial flavors. It's common to see sugar or honey used to sweeten granola. A key ingredient that makes our granola unique is using monk fruit as a sweetener. Monk fruit has become our go-to sweetener because it is a natural sugar alternative. It is vegan, has zero calories, zero grams of sugar, and is the lowest glycemic sweetener on the market.


Taste and small-batch quality are the highest priorities at Park Lane Pantry. We carefully plan and control quality at every step of the baking process and are committed to sourcing only soy, dairy, and gluten-free ingredients with minimal sugars. Fresh ingredients pass through each of the production stages in small batches, maintaining the granola's richness, nutritional value, and authentic flavors and make our granolas taste homemade.

Our "brand promise" focuses on high-quality food, which is the result of using top-of-the-line natural ingredients such as gluten-free rolled oats, unsweetened cranberries, as well as unsweetened coconut, unsulfured apricots, and no artificial or refined sugar.


Park Lane Pantry

Elaine Pearlman & Tiffany Lustig

Female Founded, Female Led!

Elaine Pearlman

My love affair with granola began in 1987 at the Bluebonnet Cafe & Grocer on Lower Greenville in Dallas, Texas, one of the original Dallas health food stores. In the 30+ years since, I have become quite the connoisseur of granola. I have traveled the world tasting granola and have sampled every local version I could get my hands on from Southeast Asia to South Africa; from small towns in the Midwest to big cities like LA, NYC, Chicago and Miami. Just call me a granola maven cuz that’s me! 

My search for the perfect crunchy granola led me to develop my own recipes and I have baked fresh granola over the years as gifts for family and friends…and mostly for myself to add to my yogurt, fruit, or to top my oatmeal. It became my very obsessive tasty hobby!

In February 2017, my world crashed down around me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My determination to fight cancer with everything I could led me down a long road of nutritional research. My approach to recovery was holistic – guided by doctors, I adapted my nutritional, gluten free and fat adaptive routine.

I learned that sugar feeds cancer cells and can make cancer grow.  I was prescribed a medicine to take for the next ten years that caused excruciating joint pain, and learned from my oncology nurse that this pain could be reduced by removing gluten from my diet and eating more healthy fats. I adopted an all-organic, cancer-fighting diet of only gluten-free whole grains, no sugar, no alcohol, and no dairy. During this time, my homemade granola offered me the crunch that I crave and a tad of sweet flavor without sacrificing overall taste. 

This was the journey that led me to my perfect granola recipe. It is gluten-free and vegan, non-GMO, free of canola oil, grains, soy and refined sugar with good flavor, good crunch and nourishing all-natural ingredients. I can hardly keep it in stock in my house and my friends are always asking for it so I have decided to share it with my community. This is how Park Lane Pantry was born.

FROM MY HEART TO YOURSI sincerely hope that you will enjoy Park Lane Pantry Small Batch Granola. I make each batch with love and light!

Tiffany Lustig

After nearly 20 years as a marketing executive with a Fortune 500 company, I left corporate life to pursue an Executive MBA degree at SMU. It was in the program's Entrepreneurship class that my chapter with Park Lane Pantry began. 

I needed a startup company to write a business plan for and was put in touch with Elaine through a family connection.  After conducting a blind taste test where Elaine's Granola was selected over other popular brands, I realized the potential was there to turn this idea into a successful business. 

At first we were thinking I would just do consulting work for Elaine, but once we got going Elaine asked me to join her as her business partner.  The missing ingredient in turning Elaine's passion for healthy granola into a business was to partner with someone who could bring her products to market. That's where I come in!  We formed Park Lane Pantry in April, 2019, and neither of us ever looked back!

As an avid runner and former triathlete I have a special appreciation for healthy snack foods, and believe strongly in our product line and mission to promote healthy snacking to others.