Vegan Granola

Park Lane Pantry is a DFW-based women-owned business. We started Park Lane Pantry in 2019, to introduce our premium, vegan, clean label all-natural snack food items to the marketplace. We create delicious alternatives to sugary granolas to be enjoyed as a snack plain, or as a topping, or mix-in. Our snacks are for consumers who want to avoid unnatural sugar and are seeking an all-natural healthy snack option that is low in sugar, plant-based, vegan, and soy-dairy-gluten free.

Compare us; you'll see our recipes are a balance of fruits and nuts and LOW sugar, with one of our granolas having dark chocolate chips and only 1 gram sugar per serving. That's because we sweeten with a monk fruit extract that has ZERO sugar and ZERO net carbs.  

We are honored each time we hear from a customer "this is the best granola I've ever had!"

We are proud to say our brand is a Texas brand! Our product packaging is Austin, Texas sourced, and we bake, pack and distribute our products right here in our Dallas facility, with lots of love. We also give a portion of our profits to the Dwight Powell Children and Family Support Fund at UT Southwestern's Simmons Cancer Center.  

Our Recipe For Better Granola

Direct Distribution

We oversee the distribution of every bag, to make sure our granola reaches your home fresh and tasty

All Natural Ingredients

Recognized by the Good Food Awards for our Seed-to-Plate transparency standards by making our granola free of GMO

From Scratch

Chef prepared from scratch in small batch. We slow toast and double bake each small batch here in our Texas kitchen

Park Lane Pantry

Elaine Pearlman & Tiffany Lustig

Elaine Pearlman

My love affair with granola began in 1987 at the Bluebonnet Cafe & Grocer on Lower Greenville in Dallas, Texas, one of the original Dallas health food stores. In the 30+ years since, I have become quite the connoisseur of granola. I have traveled the world tasting granola and have sampled every local version I could get my hands on from Southeast Asia to South Africa; from small towns in the Midwest to big cities like LA, NYC, Chicago and Miami. Just call me a granola maven cuz that’s me! 

My search for the perfect crunchy granola led me to develop my own recipes and I have baked fresh granola over the years as gifts for family and friends…and mostly for myself to add to my yogurt, fruit, or to top my oatmeal. It became my very obsessive tasty hobby!

In February 2017, my world crashed down around me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My determination to fight cancer with everything I could led me down a long road of nutritional research. My approach to recovery was holistic – guided by doctors, I adapted my nutritional, gluten free and fat adaptive routine.

I learned that sugar feeds cancer cells and can make cancer grow.  I was prescribed a medicine to take for the next ten years that caused excruciating joint pain, and learned from my oncology nurse that this pain could be reduced by removing gluten from my diet and eating more healthy fats. I adopted an all-organic, cancer-fighting diet of only gluten-free whole grains, no sugar, no alcohol, and no dairy. During this time, my homemade granola offered me the crunch that I crave and a tad of sweet flavor without sacrificing overall taste. 

This was the journey that led me to my perfect granola recipe. It is gluten-free and vegan, non-GMO, free of canola oil, grains, soy and refined sugar with good flavor, good crunch and nourishing all-natural ingredients. I can hardly keep it in stock in my house and my friends are always asking for it so I have decided to share it with my community. This is how Park Lane Pantry was born.

FROM MY HEART TO YOURSI sincerely hope that you will enjoy Park Lane Pantry Small Batch Granola. I make each batch with love and light!

Elaine with Mark Cuban & Dwight Powell

A Good Cause

In 2018 during my personal recovery, I discovered a deeper motivation for selling granola when I met Dwight Powell, a Dallas Mavericks Basketball Player. We connected over an unfortunate shared experience with breast cancer — Dwight’s mother unexpectedly passed away of breast cancer when he was still on basketball scholarship at Stanford University. 
Dwight has created the Dwight Powell Children and Family Support Fund at UTSouthwestern Medical Center to help families and children without financial or emotional resources negotiate all that goes on when a family member receives a cancer diagnosis. When Dwight’s mother passed, he struggled to find the resources and support he needed in order to succeed. 

Dwight knows all too well the toll that cancer can take on an entire family unit and wants to help families throughout their process by helping them prepare meals, secure transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and school, prepare content that can help children overcome the concerns associated with dealing with parents who have been diagnosed with cancer and engage them in activities that will help keep their minds and bodies healthy. 

Dwight’s joint venture with the top local teaching hospital is off to a great start as he has already funded the program for the next three years. His cause is near and dear to me as his fund is truly helping those in need in our community. This is why Park Lane Pantry supports the Dwight Powell Children and Family support fund and the wonderful work it will offer to our community. 
A percentage of all profits form Park Lane Pantry will be donated to Dwight's fund.

Tiffany Lustig

After nearly 20 years as a marketing executive with a Fortune 500 company, I left corporate life to pursue an Executive MBA degree at SMU. It was in the program's Entrepreneurship class that my chapter with Park Lane Pantry began. 

I needed a startup company to write a business plan for and was put in touch with Elaine through a family connection.  After conducting a blind taste test where Elaine's Granola was selected over other popular brands, I realized the potential was there to turn this idea into a successful business. 

At first we were thinking I would just do consulting work for Elaine, but once we got going Elaine asked me to join her as her business partner.  The missing ingredient in turning Elaine's passion for healthy granola into a business was to partner with someone who could bring her products to market. That's where I come in!  We formed Park Lane Pantry in April, 2019, and neither of us ever looked back!

As an avid runner and former triathlete I have a special appreciation for healthy snack foods, and believe strongly in our product line and mission to promote healthy snacking to others.