Not All Granola Is Good

Not All Granola Is Good

Not All Granola Is Good

Park Lane Pantry difference

Park Lane Pantry Granola has a clean crunch that is gluten-free and vegan, non-GMO, free of canola oil, soy and refined sugar with good flavor, good crunch and nourishing all-natural ingredients!

Snack aisle shoppers must decide between healthy and indulgent products and with all the mixed messages and competing claims about healthy foods, we are left questioning food choices and seeking tasty, healthy nutritious products.

The good news is Park Lane Pantry offers a healthy snack with an indulgent taste!

Park Lane Pantry Granola is:

  • gluten-free 
  • all natural ingredients
  • made with coconut oil (healthy fat)
  • no added sugar
  • zero trans fat & cholesterol
  • no GMO’s
  • no artificial anything
  • free of canola oil, refined sugar, dairy and soy

Is the granola you're eating healthy?

Many granolas are drenched in brown sugar or honey. Recipes frequently list a half-cup of sweetener along with two cups of oats and a variety of nuts and seeds.